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The Lonely Heartstring Band in Newburyport Oct. 27

Hi Folks:

Sorry it has taken so long to post. Our dog became ill and required more time from us and eventually we put her down in July 2018.

She was a brave girl and provided a wonderful quality of life for us both.

So to start with for the 150 folks who attended my birthday party a few years back..I had a band playing called The Lonely Heartstring Band on Rounder Records and wow have they come fact they are playing this Saturday October 27th at 8:00 p.m. at Belleville Church at 300 High Street in Newburyport, MA! Hope you can make it. Apparently there are tickets still available. Come out and have some fun.

Art wise I took a 3 day workshop at Donna Downey's new studios in Lincolnton North Carolina. The workshop was with Pam Carriker and Mary Beth Shaw.The workshop is called Art Journal Road Show called the Journey Continues....a great program full of techniques.

Here are a few postings of what I created in the class. Met great folks and was totally spoiled by Donna and her staff....she also has an adorable rescue dog that melts your heart.

When I came home Effy Wild my fellow Canadian Artist /teacher was celebrating her 50th birthday and offered a "Pay What you Can Sale" of her past workshops. Check her out at So I couldn't pass that from the classes I've been working on here is my first girl. I like to call her Birthday Girl!!!! Happy Birthday Effy!

My second girl was from a class called Radiant Faces was much harder to create. I was using an example provided by Jane Davenport "The Nymph" by John William Waterhouse who painted in the pre-Raphaelite style in the mid 19th century. It has a tilted head which can be pretty hard to work I will keep working on this. I'm determined.

So after spilling paint on myself on the floor etc etc I decided on a whim to quickly paint a girl out of my head.....and yes I named it in the Blue.....I felt much better.....

Sometimes you just need to paint something I painted a girl inspired by the colors......"Something Sweet"

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